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Vertalex Studios


At Vertalex Studios, they strive to deliver experiences that break new boundaries and challenge conventions. They are not afraid to introduce something radically new and different into the mix. They’re here to create avant-garde experiences that deliver way beyond the scope of novelty by utilizing current technology in ways which defy the industry standard of innovation.

Vertalex Studios is a young company with huge ambitions and they’re extremely proud of their roots in London. So much so, that they hope to one day be the very reason that London becomes synonymous with the words: “Video Games”.

Their mission is to bring about a paradigm shift in the interactive entertainment industry and use video games as a positive tool to deliver meaningful messages and experiences to mass audiences on the same scale as music, film and literature – which they hope will one day; contribute to changing the world into a better place.

Aims at playhubs

“Our time at playhubs has already been awesome and given us so much. Our productivity has increased x100, we’ve networked with and met some fantastic talent through the regular events and we’ve got a few interested parties interested in our project. We hope to secure some sort of funding before our time is up at playhubs, but what would be worth just as much is some mentoring and guidance from seasoned industry vets!” – Izzy Rahman, CEO of Vertalex Studios


iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Xbox One (TBC)


Izzy Rahman – CEO/Creative Director
Christian Engmann – Lead Programmer
Subhi Hussian – Lead Artist
Sing Duong – Designer and 3D Artist
Isaac Armah – Programmer
Michael Djuma – Artist