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Contemporary Social World Games


TrulySocial delights players with social world games that allow them to truly socialize, to shape their own unique experiences and to escape into lives less ordinary.

Their free-to-play games bring lifestyle content and fun narrative to the socializer and explorer player types. They go “Glocal”, by partnering to adapt and distribute localized games globally.


TrulySocial are set to be first to market with:
1. A viable “Social World” for female gamers on mobile, and
2. True gamification of social, flirting and dating interactions within casual social world game.


Sebastian Coman – Founder & Creative Director
Salone Sehgal – Co-founder & CEO
Lynne Liu – Lead Artist
Alex Cameron – Lead Technical Artist
Yaser Shaqib – Unity Developer
Samantha Hyde – Executive Assistant
Simon Carter – Advisor
Cristos Iosifidis – Advisor
Tanya Laird – Advisor


iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Specific unique technologies

HUGS is the first casual game with which they truly gamify social and romantic encounters.

HUGS is a light-hearted Social World game with a lifestyle theme, that’s all about building relationships. It delights players with seasonal celebrity-themed narratives and virtual goods.

In HUGS you go on a role-playing adventure in your Social World. You create your character and explore human society! You style yourself with high fashion, casual wear, make-up, facial hair, tattoos and hair styles. The choice is yours! You interact with other hot characters using over 90,000 lines of fun dialogue. You get to go on dates in the trendiest spots and in far away locations!