Following on from the success of the VR Game Jam we hosted last month in partnership with Bossa Studios, Valve has very generously sent us our very own HTC Vive developer test kit for our members to use and develop on. We have been busy setting it up this week in its own dedicated room for our member game developers to work with.

What is the Vive?

There’s a whole raft of new VR hardware getting into developer’s hands and one of the key distinguishing features of the Vive is its optimisation for room-scale experiences. The kit consists of two base stations that are mounted high on the walls of your chosen room, two controllers and the headset. The base stations map out the space by emitting lasers to track the headset and controllers’ movements. The result of all this is that players can walk around a room (approx 15 feet square) and interact with objects in a whole new way.

What do playhubs members think?

They’re understandably thrilled to get their hands on the kit:

“This will give my development work a serious boost, with faster development cycles and great way to showcase my game to interested parties,” says Ryan Bousfield of Wolf & Wood, who is currently working on “A Chair In A Room”. Ryan will now be able to work on his game directly from playhubs HQ at Somerset House.

“I am really excited to be working with the HTC Vive headset at playhubs. It puts us at the cutting edge of VR,” said another playhubs member, Bojan Brbora, from 4pm. Bojan is going to make a new game using the technology after experimenting with it at the VR Game Jam.

Thanks go out to HTC and Valve for this amazing piece of kit, this is very exciting for us. And of course Nick from Bossa for tirelessly helping us to set it up!

Join our community to use the kit

Would you like access to this test kit as well as all the other benefits of membership at playhubs? See if there’s a good fit and apply for membership today.